Romantic oral sex for men

Sucking Dick


A Guide For Women: The Joys of Sucking Dick

I will admit that sucking dick can be challenging to the novice. But the good news is that the more you practice on your partner, the better you will become.

It’s also about being patient, being passionate and having an open mind to want to get better at this great skill. Trust me; the rewards are wonderful for you and your partner, not to mention the stripes you earn from your partner. And guys are pretty open about what works, and what doesn’t, especially if you watch their body language.

For now, the basics:

First and foremost, men love, love, love having their dicks sucked.

You must have Passion for the Penis (P2).

Rarely mentioned by men, but they love the fact that the mouth never expands. It is highly lubricated, and it comes with incredible suction power and hand movement all in one motion.

Stimulating his penis with your mouth, tongue, hands, eyes, body and lips heightens his sexual stimulation in a way that is hard to describe.

Your goal is for him to cum in your mouth. Once you accomplish that, DO NOT stop “blowing him.” This will take him to the moon and back, and he will also beg for mercy.

Suck that boy until he’s dry and he’ll never, ever forget it or you! Nor will his penis!

Treat his penis as if you are eating and sucking on a Good Humor Ice Pop that favors a phallic image.

His cock is sweet and delicious and wanting.

You want to taste, tease and tantalize his manhood.

You want to create an illusion of The Rock of Gibraltar for you both.

The Wonders of Sucking Dick

Now, let’s see about the wonders of giving a great—never just a “good”—blow job:

  • Sexual stimulation—getting him in the mood;
  • Increase his sexual tension—igniting her sexual tension;
  • Ignites his other erogenous zones—finding his other erogenous zones prolongs the Pleasure Journey for you both;
  • Licking and massaging his balls—will get the pussy juices to flow;
  • It builds a strong sexual tension—turning you on and increasing your sexual stimulation;
  • Getting intoxicated by the juices that flow from the head of the penis—a turn-on for most women as it creates more sensitivity to the touch;
  • Your dick is so hard that you can balance a steel brick on it—creating good staying power;
  • Saturated lubrication on the penis, long powerful suction and actively moving hand motion—ignites his ability to climax;
  • He is more likely to have an orgasm for sure (OFS)—in your hands, mouth or you can climax together.

The Rewards of Sucking Dick

Giving a mean blow job will create an OFS—an orgasm for sure:

What really turns a man on is sucking his dick with great purpose and passion (P2).

Sexual stimulation by way of mouth, tongue, hand suction movement and lips caressing the penis: OFS (Orgasm For Sure)!

With every stimulating stroke that you make on his body, feel the energy and fire that you both are generating. Trust and believe; it can be done and he will achieve an orgasm for sure.

The best blow job occurs when he prefers to come in your mouth and not your pussy.

  • Romantic oral sex
  • Romantic oral sex