Romantic oral sex for women

Romantic oral sex for women


A Guide For Men: The Joys of Eating Pussy

Eating pussy is not for everyone, I get it. However, if that’s not an option then you MUST figure out a way to get her stimulated so that she can achieve an orgasm before intercourse that you are certain to do. But, who does not like the sweet taste of peach nectar (a.k.a. the pussy) soaking in good juices? A woman’s clitoris has the same type of feelings and sensitive nerves that require constant stimulation like a man and his penis.

So to make her feel what YOU like to feel, listen up:

You must have Passion for the Pussy (P2).

Tap into your 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) when loving on the pussy.

When you take the time to love all her erogenous zones with passion, vitality, vigor and sensuality, you are creating joy within her.

When you explore her body in a slow and rhythmic manner that involves your hands, eyes, mouth and, most importantly, your soft, wet lips, you are creating joy within her.

As you work on her mouth, tease her lips with your tongue, hands and eyes. Suck and caress her breasts; gently use your hands to stimulate her by touching her clitoris.

Kiss her clitoris with passion and softness.

With your mouth, cover, eat, suck and lick the inside walls of her pussy.

Take your tongue and trace the inside of her vulva (pussy lips).

Lay that tongue down flat on her pussy and work your magic (P2).

When you kiss her breasts, love on them. Don’t just bide your time because you think you “have” to; want to! Really, really want to! Touch them softly and gently, by caressing them with your eyes, hands, mouth and lips. Her response will let you know it’s working!

Use your lips and tongue to love on her nipples, and use your hand to touch and caress her breasts in conjunction with your mouth.

Finger fuck her, while sucking on and caressing her breasts so that you double the pleasure, passion and sensation.

Spread her legs wide; now, stop and look at her beautiful pussy.

Bury your face inside her pussy, while drinking her juices that you are helping to create.

Lay her on her stomach; kiss her tailbone, her hairy patch from behind. Part her legs, finger fuck her and move your tongue in and out of the pussy.

You can stimulate her until she comes in your mouth (the best feeling ever when you enter her), or ride her pussy with your dick and come together. The choices are vast and rewarding.

The Wonders of Eating Pussy

Now, in case you still need convincing, I’ve compiled a “greatest hits” of the wonders of eating pussy:

  • Sexual stimulation—getting her in the mood; Increase in vagina lubrication—easier for the penis to enter;
  • Ignites her other erogenous zones—visually for you this is great to see perky tits, everything is sensitive to the touch and the pussy is juicy as she writhes beneath your touch;
  • It builds strong sexual tension—turning you on and increasing your sexual stimulation with each flick of the tongue or whisper of your lips across her quivering skin;
  • Getting intoxicated from drinking her pussy juices—your dick is so hard that you can balance a steel brick on it;
  • She is more likely to have an orgasm for sure (OFS)—and you as well.

The Rewards of Eating Pussy

When you learn to give oral satisfaction to your woman, you give her an OFS—an orgasm for sure:

What really turns a woman on is finger stimulation (a.k.a. finger fucking her)

Your mouth, tongue and lips in tow all over her body creating a sexual dynamo. An OFS (Orgasm For Sure)!

With every stimulating stroke that you make on her body, feel the energy and fire that you both are generating.

Trust and believe; it can be done, and she will achieve an orgasm for sure


  • Romantic oral sex
  • Romantic oral sex