Romantic oral sex for loving couples

Romantic oral sex for loving couples

Hear me: you are doing nothing wrong to think that oral sex is simply joyous, wonderful and rewarding. Men and women both enjoy oral sex.

Oral sex generates good endorphins for the body and helps you to release bad toxins that are stored by your body from everyday stresses: such as a dead-end job, the economy, Washington. All of these daily stress inducers can be harmful to the body.

Oral sex allows you to release those harmful toxins by way of an orgasm. When you’re relieving stress and removing toxins, it’s a physical fact: life is great!

Never forget: the equation P2 + Kissing + Foreplay + Erogenous Zones = Orgasm For Sure should always be a part of your sexual Pleasure Journey. Even if you choose to deviate and eliminate one or two factors, all is not lost because you are still better off knowing, and using to your preference, at least some of the equation than you were before.

You would just have to definitely rev up on that single quotient. You might feel that you are not passionate enough or just plain hate kissing. Fine, then “exploratory” foreplay MUST be geared toward the erogenous zones to create the same equation in your lust factor. If your mind is totally closed about the equation as a whole and you believe that it is totally not necessary, you are a bad fuck with one-sided orgasms, most likely not for her. Good luck!

At the start of sex during your Pleasure Journey, we must explore the need to have passion for the pussy and passion for the penis (P2). It is the wrong mindset to simply do a mechanical operation of eating the pussy or sucking on the penis just to “get it out of the way” or satisfy part of the equation; that’s NOT the true equation! When you allow your mind to carry you into the passion zone, it will show you the joys of sharing and giving sexual stimulation creating great rewards for you and your partner.

Has it ever occurred to most men that the joys, wonders and rewards they get from having their dicks sucked—that a woman would never think about or expect pleasure along that line? Really?

Yes, you are right, in the Leave It to Beaver era. Today, tomorrow or in the future a woman will never think or believe that she should not enjoy having her little penis sucked and not climaxing as a result. What’s good for men is good for women, too. Women want to enjoy the orgasmic feelings of getting turned on so much that they explode on general principle. This is obtainable because it’s right at your fingertips and easy to accomplish.

If you have ever watched porn, your mind allows you to get your dick or pussy nice and hard or wet, respectively; because the mind was receptive to it. Women look at their breasts and pussy on a daily basis and most likely do not get turned on. However, when a man or woman looks at another woman’s breast or pussy, sexual stimulation occurs.

It’s natural.

The Essential Tips for Oral Satisfaction:

  • Relax and open the mind;
  • Be uninhibited and receptive to sexual stimulation;
  • Be Passionate about the Pussy (P2);
  • Be Passionate about the Penis (P2);
  • Kiss with passion at the start of oral sex;
  • Explore your erogenous zones during foreplay (minimum 20 minutes);
  • Incorporate the 5 senses into your exploratory foreplay; Enter her right after she climaxes;
  • Choke the penis with your pussy by tightening your pelvic floor muscles;
  • Your focus should be on stimulating your partner’s genitals passionately and sensuously;
  • Because most woman take longer to climax, be patient and focus on stimulating her erogenous H zones;
  • Finger fuck her while sucking on her tits and kissing her on neck;
  • Ladies, kiss and suck on his balls while your hand action is in play on his penis;
  • Men, learn to suck on her little penis while finger fucking her so that she can climax in your mouth.

Practice makes perfect when sucking the dick. I am certain that he won’t mind you practicing on him!

Never forget: the Pleasure Journey Equation P2 + Kissing + Foreplay + Erogenous Zones = Orgasm For Sure!

Learn his and her erogenous zones and take advantage of them by loving on them.

Think positive about oral sex and the joys, wonders and rewards that come with it.

Be sensuous toward your partner’s erogenous zones, as this heightens your arousal. Allow your lips (taste), hands (touch), and eyes (sight) to travel on the erogenous zones, while enjoying your partner’s scent (smell), and listening (hear) to the glorious sounds of passion (a.k.a. moans, sighs, grunts and releases).

Men, don’t just lick the pussy, lay your tongue flat on the pussy and get lost in her juices.

Ladies, don’t just lick the head of the penis, cover it with your mouth and use sucking and hand power to love on the penis simultaneously.