Romantic oral sex

Romantic oral sex


Oral sex is wonderful. It should be an important part of every loving relationship... and yet for so many people the whole subject is problematic.

I want to show you that oral sex is a part of romance, a wonderful aspect of a loving relationship that can lead both partners to deep and passionate pleasure.


Is oral sex still taboo… in the 21st century?

You might not think so, but I conducted a Google Ad Search, and the results were astonishing. There was an estimated 1.3 million people globally who searched the keywords “Oral Sex” every day. And the competition edge was very low, which puzzled me.

I started asking myself, “Could it be? Does this mean that oral sex is still taboo, and people are ashamed to talk about it? Is oral sex in the same vein as porn, where they might enjoy watching it, but would never tell, as it is their dirty little secret?!?”

As I delved deeper into the topic, I started to believe that, in fact, even in this day and age the subject of “oral sex” is taboo. A “dirty little secret,” according to many, who may enjoy it, may seek it out, may want to learn more about it, but would never dare to broach the topic with their friends, family, coworkers or even BFFs, let alone their sexual partners.

And I believe this veil of secrecy, this shameful aspect of our very natural desire, is skewed more toward women than it is men. Think about it for a minute: Men love oral sex. They love having their dick sucked, stroked or made love to. And they’re not very shy about proclaiming their love of a good blow job.

A woman, on the other hand, rarely discusses her needs, wants or desires about achieving an orgasm during sex. How many statistics do we need to see on “faking it” or the fact that many women simply don’t climax from intercourse to note that women have desires that go beyond the so-called “norm?”

I don’t believe women are any less interested in having an orgasm. In fact, we all want to achieve an orgasm desperately, every time we have sex. Who wouldn’t? Sex without orgasm is like leaving the last bite of a rich dessert on the plate. Who has that kind of control; and frankly, who wants that kind of control? Sex is about release, not control, and that’s why achieving orgasm should be considered a healthy, natural pleasure, intended for both sexes. <

Yet for many women, the desire to please their partners is so strong that their needs come second, if at all. If they climax during sex, great; but if not, it’s generally up to them to “fake it first, and take care of it later,” perhaps after their partner falls asleep!

Romantic oral sex

The 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell) play a key role in the equation of achieving an orgasm. However, what can ignite the five senses consists of the following key components. These are the basic, yet vital ingredients for a man and a woman to explode during sex:



Erogenous Zones



The Approach

Orgasm For Sure

Let me take you into a world of oral satisfaction, and you will discover passion for the penis and passion for the pussy... leading to wonderful, mind-blowing sex!

Romantic oral sex